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Water City Map is added to Paramania

Paramania, with its new update, offers players a pleasant, exciting and adrenalinous map. The new Water City map gives players the opportunity to use the water’s power. With this map, players will be able to open and close water valves and drag themselves and their opponents to the desired square.

Drag the opponent’s water with power

The Water City Map, which brings a new style of play, allows players to develop different tactics that will play a role in winning strategies. The player can use the power of the water to gain advantage or to leave the opponent in a difficult situation.

Enjoy Paramanya to Turkey specific content

One of the most important causes of so many loved Paramanya among mobile gamers, and localized to sites of the characters in the game, the players are brought together with Turkey-specific content. The actors have the chance to play with important characters of our history like Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Hürrem Sultan, Nasreddin Hoca, Saladin Eyyübi. In addition to having their Paramanya different cities of our country and that Turkey’s map offers the pleasure of being able to build city-specific icons.

In Turkey and all over the world everyone impact on the field of mobile games Paramany, the gamers will continue to offer new actions and adventures. In-game purchase options are available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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