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What is the “Clutch” in counter strike?

Clutch, As the last surviving member of your team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you win rounds against many competitors. To give an example from the Clutch pros, there are few players on the olofmeister in the world.

3 Most Important Things:

  1. Being Calm: If you can not calm down, you will die. Do not press yourself. The more calm you are, the better you will be.
  2. Think Like Your Enemy: The better you know your enemies, the easier it will be to get out. If you think like them, you can take action before them by guessing where they will go and what they will do.
  3. Know where your enemies are: It is a great ability to be aware of what is happening around you. As an example, if you play a few hands as a Terrorist in the Nuke map, you can hardly predict where the next Anti-Terrorist team will go. When you are alone, this information will be very useful.


-If you have a silent, silencer-equipped weapon, be sure to use the muffler.

-Always be on the move

-The worst thing you will do in Clutch is to wait in a spot. The opposing team that detects your location may kill you with an organized attack. Stay on the move, being quiet.

-Think about your future

When you kill someone, they will probably move towards that point. Be aware of this and be alert.

-Collide with an enemy at a time

Do not try to be a hero! It is very difficult to clash with more than one enemy at the same time. Try to catch and kill whatever is separate from the crew.

-Check the time

In CS:GO there may be times when you are pushing against people. If you are playing on the Counter-Terrorist team, you should finish the game, but you must be on the terrorist team, build the bomb, or kill the CT team. Use time effectively.


-Control the neutrality

A good clutch master knows when the opponent team will hunt him. It’s called catching the ones who went to hunt him from behind and downloading them one by one.

-Do not expect

It is very important that you make unpredictable movements. Take good account of this. If you are expected to set up the bomb, do not set it up. If you expect to attack, set the bomb. Do not collide with more than one enemy at a time.

-Bomb factor


Wait until a CT player comes and tries to destroy it. Run for 1 second to the bomb’s destroyer and kill him. Even if you die at this point, it is likely that the bomb will explode and you will win the tour.


Perform counterfeit destruction. To do this, start the process of destroying the bomb and then look around immediately. A good terrorist actor may not be able to eat his fake destruction number, but the more inexperienced ones will jump out of where they are stored directly.

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