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What is the new patch of Pubg changing?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or abbreviated name PUBG is one of the most popular productions in the game world. With version 1.0, the game continues to evolve, despite some mistakes. In this context, a new patch for the game has been published.

What is the pubg patch changing?

With this patch released, many changes and edits have been made, especially map selections. Now, the rate of throwing out the map will be more balanced. The production team’s information about the patch is as follows;

– The map selection rate changed to be equal for Erangel and Miramar.

– With the new patch you will see the death cam (death cam) 3 minutes after it is dead. Watch this on the line and your surviving teammates are prevented from telling you the place of the opponents.

– Fixed the problem of not marking some objects and buildings in the Miramar map.

– Fixed the collapse problem when you watched match repetitions. Also, if you leave it in the midst of watching the repetitions, it will continue where you left it later.

– Problems related to Death Glass start and finish have been fixed.

– In recent times, some games did not earn BP points. It has also been reported that this error has been resolved. It is also stated that a payment will be made for the players who are faced with this error in the near future.

– Fixed the problem of uneven injury and death in high falls.

– Fixed the problem that the bullets could not pass through the fences.

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