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When will the Remedy company’s new game be out?

The Remedy firm has always been able to talk with the games that have been released up to now and the firm is working on a new project which is a long one. With Max Payne, Alan Wake and later on with Quantum Break, new news about this new project of Remedy team, which has been working well for both the time and for the graphics and the atmosphere, has started to come up.


When will Remedy’s new game be shown?

The name of the company, Sam Lake, said that this project, which had not been shown before, was named The Project 7 (P7). Among the information that Remedy has negotiated with 505 Games is the information that some companies interviewed for the distribution of the game. For this new project of Remedy, we need to wait a little longer because the game will be released in 2019.


There is no more information about The Project 7, which will be developed with the Northlight graphics engine that the company has used and continues to develop in its previous games. But when you are in Remedy, you are looking for a good story, a good graphic, and of course, a game that is based on time, even if it’s on the edge. Also remember that the game is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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