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Which mechanics will change during the Rainbow Six Siege’s new season

Tom Clancy ‘s Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’ s most successful e – sports game, seems to be getting a lot of updates this year. The successful tactical FPS game for the third season will have two new characters in the new season, Lion and Finka. The producers who brought two new attacking characters to the game this time, show Finka at the beginning of the video. The character who can do all the punching help is able to remove his injured teammates at the same time. It also has the ability to reduce the recoil value of weapons used by the entire team to almost zero. In the meantime, Finka does not have any range of this feature. So, no matter where your friends are on the map, you can use this feature to help them. If you are starting to get annoyed by this rather strong character, then we recommend you to meet Lion.


Rainbow Six: Siege will change from new to new

Contrary to Echo and Twitch, Lion has a drone device that can not be destroyed, and if he is using tricks, he can see his enemies behind his walls. Lion sends a three-second signal to the drone against the drone he uses and has the ability to instantly see all the characters moving after three seconds no matter where on the map.


Ubisoft, who changed the balance by bringing these two characters to the game, also informed that the Yatch map will come to the game. In addition, the developers who change the map in most of the map, then the game will bring a system of character bans in graded matches.

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