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Why is Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s first day’s patch so big?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is one of the most anticipated RYO games we have ever had, is already taking players to the middle ages. The first day of the game, which gives players the combat mechanics based on physical laws alongside the real world with the real world, the patch is 23 GB in size as you know. This caused most gamers to get angry. But the developers, who have not communicated with the community, have explained why their first day patch is so big. According to Martin Air, one of the leading names of the game’s developer Warhorse, Kickstarter has said since then that Kingdom Come: Deliverance has had huge changes and will cause dozens of changes in the first day’s battle. Indicating that they found some imbalances in the game after completing the game, Air Conditioner underlined that they made these balances for the first day with a special RYO experience.


Kingdom Come: Explained why the first day patch of Deliverance is big

Air conditioning, who said he was aware of how big his first day was, apologizes to the players but says that this patch will be worth the download. When we finally arrive We wonder what kind of RYO experience Kingdom Come:  Deliverance gives. We do not start playing the game, we will share with you what kind of structure it is.

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