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Wonderful video posted for LoL’s new season

League of Legends is at the beginning of the most played games in our country as it is all over the world. There are now a few hours left for the new season of the League of Legends, which ended in the 2017 season. For the game, which will start the new season on January 16th, Riot Games has a description and a great video. You can take a look at this video with this description of the company and the climb named.

League of Legends starts new season

Turkey with more than 4 million registered players with the most games played League of Legends‘ new season begins on January 16, 2018. The new season of re-opening grades offers lovers of struggle new opportunities to prove their mastery to the LoL players, exciting surprises and awards to be offered throughout the season will make the League of Legends journey even more enjoyable and enjoyable for all players.


The limits of the workout are rising

The Runes of the League of Legends will be inspired by brand new strategies and tactics in a more competitive environment with the re-opening of the rank-ups at the new seasons and the start of professional league leagues with pre-season updates. The players who have developed the most suitable game styles with 60 new runes offered free of charge and the valley will have the chance to spend a whole new and exciting strategy.

In addition, the level limit in the League of Legends will reach players who have risen to the 30th level before, with new targets. LoL players will celebrate every new level they reach with the awards presented to them.


Appreciated Players will not Satisfy the Pay

The revised appraisal system will meet the players with a new look. The system, which was designed to honor the example players who made LoL more enjoyable, was enriched to have a more understandable structure and mutually attractive awards at the new moment. Thus, example players who have won the likes of their friends with their behaviors during the game will have special rewards along the way as they ascend step by step during the season.


Setup Team, takes its place among Turkey’s Best

Will be incorporated into the game in the coming months “Arena” in addition to the system from the tournament, the teams during the season can participate in the tournament held in Turkey’s many Internet cafes in different provinces. First in its region, then the team will face opponents from across Turkey, it will be the best tournament in Turkey over 1 month and will fight to be reunited with attractive prizes by entering degrees.


New Missions, New Excitements

In League of Legends, the duties that meet our season’s players will continue to vary. Players who have successfully completed the creative and entertaining tasks to be edited during the season, along with specially designed missions at the beginning of the season, will be rewarded with everything from special icons to express themselves to capsules full of surprises.

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