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World of Tanks, 1.0 gets a new graphics engine!

The Wargaming flagship game has announced that the World of Tanks will be releasing important updates in the coming March. This update, called 1.0, adds CORE graphics engine to the game and significantly improves the technological infrastructure. It is accompanied by a redesign of more than 25 maps in this robust transformational picture in visual terms, and elaborate to meet today’s graphical expectations. From now on every map in the game will require a unique and different strategy. Developers will also be completely rewritten with the 1.0 update and note that dynamic game music and sound effects, specially composed for each map, will both add to the gameplay and realism of the game.

World of Tanks 1.0

World of Tanks graphics refresh

Milos Jerabek, World of Tanks Development Director Milos Jerabek, said: “Although we are always loyal to the game’s spirit and spirit, the 1.0 update brings the world of tanks to a whole new world. The new graphics engine is far more than just a simple graphic improvement. We hope that you will be excited at least as much as we are when you see how the sounds of your favorite game and images are moved to a completely different reality. ”

Developed by Wargaming, the CORE engine is designed to reduce game performance while bringing a whole new visual depth, beauty and realism to the game. The land, water, vegetation, sky and surrounding units in individual elite maps allow rich effects with physics-based render technology. Thanks to advanced shading and light models, highly responsive water effects and realistic land coverings in the surrounding area, battlefields have become much more dynamic.

The 1.0 update brings important innovations not only visually but also audibly. From now on, it will be pointed out that each map will be a unique theme music, and that the in-game sound and music will change in a sensitive way to the progress of the action. It is possible to hear authentic tastes ranging from the breezes of the Caucasus mountains to the Gregorian shores, to the eastern flutes far from the Arabian tones in new music. Wargaming officials say that they are combining their strength with more than 40 master musicians around the world in order to give each map a unique tone.


Finally, a new site is opened for those who want to experience the innovations that the new update will bring to the visual and auditory structure of the game. World of Tanks This platform, called enCore 2018, allows players to watch replay videos of games and see how the refurbished graphics engine will look on their systems.

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