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You can use real money in Battlefield 5

Cosmetic products of the game can be more expensive than we thought.

Interesting information about the new Battlefield 5 continues to come up against the players with the introduction on the days we left behind. According to the new information, we will be able to use real money in the game in Battlefield 5. In Battlefield 5, which is supposed to be a premium currency, we can convert real money into this currency. Thanks to this currency, we are able to access the cosmetic content of the vote.


Real money to be used in Battlefield 5

In Battlefield 5, where there will be a lot of customization, we can say that cosmetic products will take up a lot of space in parallel. Beside this, let’s say that the lootbox system will come out differently. Unlike Battlefront 2, Battlefield 5‘s lootboxes will only contain cosmetic products. Also, the fact that most of the Battlefield games were not in the new version of the Premium Pass system made the players happy.


All the content that will be released later in the game is expected to be presented in a free format. Let’s see what kind of surprises the DICE team has created in the new vote. The new Battlefield, which leaves the individual in the sense of gameplay and drifts to the team, will probably remain under the Call of Duty for sale again.

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