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You must give the money to save the game in the Metal Gear Survivor

Metal Gear Survive‘s land surface, which has been exposed to criticism before it emerges, is slowly starting to emerge. A few months ago it was mentioned that luck boxes would be in production. With the departure of Hideo Kojima from the studio, things in Konami began to walk a different way. According to a user in Reddit, you need to pay a certain amount of money to start a new game or to save the game.

We saw the same situation earlier on Star Wars: Battlefront II

Konami wants gamers to pay a certain amount of “SV” to start a new game. What is this SV? Konami, Metal Gear Survive‘s own currency, works in the production of special goods or open different mechanics are useful. Konami gives players 30SV per day, but 1000SV is required to open a new game. Of course, as you can see, you have two options to start a new game: you have to play SV every day for at least a month or you can easily get away with real money by running away.

This situation is bothered by most players, especially those who want to play with two characters, at least 10 dollars in the game to deposit a small amount of 1150SV they have to open accounts.

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